Venture Trips

What is a Venture Trip?

The Children of the Nations (COTN) Venture Program exists to expose participants to the COTN mission so that they may utilize their skills, resources, and relationships to accomplish the vision of raising children who transform nations.

The COTN Venture Porgram offers you the opportunity to know the children you have heard about, to meet the in-country staff who are faithfully raising these children, and to become part of a global movement of people who are committed to partnering with these staff members. In doing so, we seek to ensure that these children are given the opportunities necessary to enable them to be transformed and, in turn, to transform their nation.

Our wish is that our children would become your children and their needs become your needs. True transformation requires a movement of people.

Start A Team —Become A Team Leader

You can start your own Venture Team by applying to serve as a team leader, gathering a group of people from your church and/or community to form a Venture Team to serve in one of the countries.

Join A Team — Become A Team Member

You can join a COTN Venture Team as a team member on a scheduled trip with an existing COTN team or a team leaving from your church or community. COTN will connect you with a team leader who will consider your application and help you prepare for the trip.


Reach Teach Heal Build Vision ILB Sustain College


Participate in a team project that focuses on evangelism, discipleship, pastoral training, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and more.


Provide medical care, dental care, trauma counseling, and/or health education, imparting healthy habits, proper hygiene techniques, and positive lifestyle choices that will aid in the progress of overcoming the cycle of poverty and disease.


Learn about our in-country programs firsthand and experience how COTN is raising children who will transform nations. Meet COTN staff, visit schools and clinics, and ask questions to discover how you can partner with us.


Participate in a team project that focuses on providing sustainable development initiatives like clean water, agriculture, renewable energy, or micro-enterprise. Help give communities the tools and resources that allow them to thrive.


Participate with an education team that equips and empowers children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Train and mentor local teachers, provide curriculum, and teach strategies and techniques that will strengthen and improve education practices.


Work on a construction project that allows COTN to provide safe and reliable children’s homes, medical clinics, schools, community centers, and other facilities.

I Love Baseball®

Participate with a team that connects with our I Love Baseball program in the Dominican Republic. Bring a baseball team or baseball fanatics to practice with the players, teach new skills, nutrition and sports medicine, or simply build relationships.

College Immersion Trip

During this extended time in country, the team will be immersed in the culture. Each trip will have a specific project and must be commissioned by a school or church. ​​These trips are available all year and are perfect for fulfilling college majors that require global missions and study abroad experience. We are able to host teams of 5–70 in the Dominican Republic and 5–20 in Sierra Leone.