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Children enrolled in the Algodon Village Partnership Program benefit from a variety of services made possible by our partners. Volunteers have helped construct a school in the village, and worked on projects to bring clean water to the people. Sponsors provide children in Algodón with daily nutrition, a solid education at COTN's school, and medical care at our nearby clinic.

Sponsorship ensures that children in Mokpangumba receive an education, food, medical care, job training, and much-needed resources. Partners like you have also set up Bible studies and summer camps the children enjoy.
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During our years of ministry in Barahona, Children of the Nations (COTN) has come to understand that the lack of education, leadership, and character development are among the biggest issues facing young men and families throughout the Dominican Republic. The vision of COTN’s I Love Baseball program is to give the youth of Barahona a place where they can pursue their dream of playing professional baseball while still getting an education, living a balanced life socially, building strong moral character, and growing mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Sponsors like you are helping students from some of the poorest parts of Malawi receive a high-quality education. Through your sponsorship, young men and women who once had no chance of earning an income and supporting their families are seeing a world of opportunities open up before them. Thank you for providing these opportunities by sponsoring a student.



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One of the main factors contributing to poverty in developing countries is a lack of education. Young adults who are unable to obtain the knowledge and skills that universities and vocational schools provide are also unable to secure good jobs, provide for their families, and give back to their communities. In the Dominican Republic, just one third of all students continue their education after secondary school.