University/Vocational Program

A few years ago, many of the impoverished communities COTN serves had never produced a high school graduate, let alone a university graduate.


Today, thanks to generous partners and sponsors like you, dozens of young people have entered COTN’s University/Vocational Program and earned their degrees. This has helped them secure good jobs, provide for their families, and begin breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities. As more and more of our children reach adulthood in the coming years, hundreds more students will enter this program.


COTN's University/Vocational Program provides (as needed) for students’ tuition, room and board, transportation, books, supplies, and anything else they may need for their education.


You can help give a young leader an education. Sponsor a student for just $50 a month.

You can also give a one-time gift to COTN's University/Vocational Program.